How it works

Welcome to traffic made easy is a platform for you to get traffic and engagement for your online social activities/ straight down to your webpages.

Our platform is based on the use of a point system. You can earn points (Coins) for engaging with other people’s requests and then, spend those coins by requesting people to engage with your own.
To start earning coin, you must be a registered member of this site.

It is totally free to sign up for the Free Members Plan with us. There won’t be hidden fees and you won’t be forced to upgrade or pay any fees.

You can also upgrade your account to Gold Membership Plan. It is totally optional.
To upgrade your account to Gold Plan, you have to pay a one time fee of #1000 naira equivalent to $2.5.

How does the coin system works?

After successful registration, you can start earning coins immediately.

You earn coins for following account, visiting website, commenting sharing and so much more.

Each activity required of you has a point attached to it. So you will see the amount of coin you can earn before engaging in such activities.

You get to request others to engage with your posts as well.

You can use your coin to get people to follow you on social media , comment ,like, watch videos etc. You can check our home page for all activities that we support.

Coins to earn per activity

For both FREE and GOLD Account
✓ 10 Following/ Subscribing: Earn 10 Coins

✓10 Like/dislike/comments: Earn 10 Coins

✓10 Website visitors: Earn 10 Coins

✓10 Youtube Videos Watch: Earn 50 Coins

How To Spend Your Coins

For free account
✓ 10 Followers/ Subscribers: Pay 20 Coins

✓10 Like/dislike/comments: Pay 20 Coins

✓10 Website visitors: Pay 20 Coins

✓10 Youtube Videos Watch: Pay 100 Coins

For GOLD Account

✓ 10 Following/ Subscribing: Pay 10 Coins

✓10 Like/dislike/comments: Pay 10 Coins

✓10 Website visitors: Pay 10 Coins

✓10 YouTube videos watch: Pay 50 Coins